Thursday, 16 October 2014

Welcome Wednesday Wacky Youth Club "Show And Tell" 15th Oct 2014

During the normal club activities, we took some time out for a "show and tell" activity. All were invited to bring something along to show and tell us something about it. What was brought was interesting.

The WWWYC "Show and Tellers"
First we were shown a "long haired" hamster, a pet of one member. Thankfully it did not escape or leave any "little messages" on the carpets. Next was a ping pong ball! This was proudly presented as it was the ball used during the first game the young person had ever won! This was followed by a pound coin! Why you may ask? The date of the coin, 2006, was the year the family of the young person got a pet cat. Lastly, our addicted "loom band" young person brought her collection in. Some impressive models were shown.

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