Saturday, 18 October 2014

Weekend Away 2014

The weekend away this year was made up of young people and leaders from:-

CUBB (the Sunday morning group at Maldon Methodist Church
All Saints Church, Maldon
Welcome Wednesday Wacky Youth Club (meets at Maldon Methodist Church)
South Woodham Ferrer's Methodist Church
Springfield Road Baptist Church, Chelmsford
Ex-member of the RAWR youth club

15 young people and 5 leaders spent an enjoyable weekend in Clacton, based at the Methodist Church.

The "Gang"
We arrived on Friday evening and had a take away meal.  The young people were divided in to three teams as a competition was running throughout the weekend.  Points awarded for tiding up, washing and drying up and generally being helpful.

After tea, some games were played to help all the young people get to know each other.  After supper, Batman birthday cake and hot chocolate with marshmallow and squirtie cream, bed time.
The Birthday Cake
After breakfast on Saturday morning, we looked at what it is or means to be a Christian.  Not just from the symbols of Christianity or behaviour, but what it means to and how it effects each person as an individual in their own right.

After a break (drinks and birthday cake finished up!) we looked at what it means to our lives to be a Christian.  In essence, the "rules" by which Christians live.  Unlike many religions and societies, Christians live by just two rules, "love God" and "love everyone else".  The craft for this session was loom bands with meanings behind the colours of the bands to help remember some aspects of the Christian faith.

After lunch in the garden on the sea front in glorious sunshine, they spent a couple of hours on the pier.  As the Saturday was one of the young people's birthday, it was requested that we could go Ten Pin Bowling.

After the evening meal, the rather shattered young people spent time socialising as they were too tired to play games.  After supper, bed.

Sunday morning we joined with the rest of the congregation for their Harvest Celebration service and their Faith Lunch.  Jelly and ice cream was well sought after.

After lunch we looked at exploring and why exploring the Christian faith is important.  The craft was to decorate a large wooden clothes peg.  The idea being that there is often on a Christian leader available when young people have a question.  So they can write it down and store it on the peg until that go to meet a leader.
The last thing they did on Sunday afternoon before we headed home was a group photo and group jump.  The photo is at the top of this entry and the jump is in the video below.

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