Monday, 6 April 2015

Mothering Sunday 2015

The young people at CUBB were asked a few weeks before the actual day what they would like to do for Mothering Sunday.  One of the suggested making something and another responded with "cakes".  So, cakes it was.
Everything went to plan, except we forgot the scales to weigh out the ingredients and a powered mixer would have been an advantage, a great advantage.
However, they all worked hard mixing the ingredients, washing up and decorating the cakes.  Neither of the two trays were dropped when moved in to the Church.  The cakes were handed out and for those wishing to take them home, a bag too.
One of the ladies in the Church also made some small poises of flowers for those who preferred them.
It was a great morning, with just a few cakes left over.

The cakes cooling off

Decorating time

The finished cakes

The "Bakers"