Saturday, 25 October 2014


Back in May 2014, members from CUBB and WWWYC spent 24hours without any technology.  That meant for 24hours they did not have use of TV, radio, mobile PHONES, game machines, the Internet and all electronic gadgets we fill our lives with.

Instead, they played games, did a town quiz, help chose evening and breakfast, down to the prom to play on the pirate ship and a sleep over at the Church.

Sunday morning started to become a struggle for them as we did not do much in the "being active" department.  This was to let them experience something of what some children experience, little time to play as a child and how much the western world depends on gadgets to entertain us.

Sunday Breakfast Outside

As well as enjoying themselves and doing other stuff they would not normally do, they raised just over £178.  This was given to Oxfam and used to relieve children and young people from the famine they experience.

Well done to them all!

The "Thank You" Certificate from Oxfam

WWWYC "Give Hunder The Boot"

As part of the church's Harvest celebrations in 2014, they supported the "Give Hunger The Boot" campaign for Africa.  The main theme was to raise awareness and funds to support work in Africa to fight hunger.  The humble wellington boot was the logo for this activity.

 Member of the youth club were invited to plant baby leek plants in wellington boots!
 Looks like they enjoyed that!
 Mind you, what is not shown is the mess they made (not just the three above) with the compost.  No a problem as it was easily cleaned up.  The wellington boots were then put around the worship area of the Church for all to see.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

CUBB Session on Igloo

The wonderful children and young people who come to CUBB chose igloo as a theme, what a challenge!

Well, the first approach was to build an igloo!  But out of what?  Too warm for ice.  So white cloth was used.

As ice is solid water and water can be steam, this lead to a short quiz on water we call water, ice or steam.  For instance, solid water is called ice, but it is still water.  This gave us an opportunity to look at the Trinity of God; Father, Son and Spirit.

Next we played a silly game as to who can blow a hole through a lump of ice.  This was achieved in just over two minutes.

We then headed back in to the igloo and shared Communion.  We wondered how Eskimo's shared Communion in their Churches, if made of ice.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

CUBB Session on "The Big Bang"

As with the majority of CUBB session themes, this one was chosen by the young people themselves.

The session started, not surprisingly, with the opening theme from the TV series of the same name.  Several of the young people joined in, word perfect!

We looked at what the big bang theory is and how it does not explain creation.  The theory is about mater that was already there which then expanded via a "big bang" in to what we know as the universe today.  So where did the the initial matter came from.  The answer we came up with was God.

We then played a game in matching up what was created on each of the seven days in which God created the world.  Surprisingly, no one scored full marks.

To help us remember some of the thing created on each day, we made a craft using foam in the shape of the numbers 1 to 7.

A reminder of what God created on each day of the first week

CUBB Session on "Kingship"

The theme of "Kingship" was suggested by the young people themselves.

We started by playing a game using normal playing cards where you had to turn two cards over and hoped that they were the same kings form the same suit.

We then split in to two groups, roughly by age.  The older ones discussed modern day kings, their behaviours and effect on those they rule.  This was compared to Jesus and his behaviour as Servant King.

The younger ones had a chance to show how a king (or queen) might act when wearing a crown.  One was very regal and another was dancing!  Then they wore a crown of thorns and tried to imagine how Jesus felt.  Again, as a Servant King, he washed his Disciples feet.

They then made a crown that reflects both Jesus as a king and his crown of thorns, as shown below: -

Weekend Away 2014

The weekend away this year was made up of young people and leaders from:-

CUBB (the Sunday morning group at Maldon Methodist Church
All Saints Church, Maldon
Welcome Wednesday Wacky Youth Club (meets at Maldon Methodist Church)
South Woodham Ferrer's Methodist Church
Springfield Road Baptist Church, Chelmsford
Ex-member of the RAWR youth club

15 young people and 5 leaders spent an enjoyable weekend in Clacton, based at the Methodist Church.

The "Gang"
We arrived on Friday evening and had a take away meal.  The young people were divided in to three teams as a competition was running throughout the weekend.  Points awarded for tiding up, washing and drying up and generally being helpful.

After tea, some games were played to help all the young people get to know each other.  After supper, Batman birthday cake and hot chocolate with marshmallow and squirtie cream, bed time.
The Birthday Cake
After breakfast on Saturday morning, we looked at what it is or means to be a Christian.  Not just from the symbols of Christianity or behaviour, but what it means to and how it effects each person as an individual in their own right.

After a break (drinks and birthday cake finished up!) we looked at what it means to our lives to be a Christian.  In essence, the "rules" by which Christians live.  Unlike many religions and societies, Christians live by just two rules, "love God" and "love everyone else".  The craft for this session was loom bands with meanings behind the colours of the bands to help remember some aspects of the Christian faith.

After lunch in the garden on the sea front in glorious sunshine, they spent a couple of hours on the pier.  As the Saturday was one of the young people's birthday, it was requested that we could go Ten Pin Bowling.

After the evening meal, the rather shattered young people spent time socialising as they were too tired to play games.  After supper, bed.

Sunday morning we joined with the rest of the congregation for their Harvest Celebration service and their Faith Lunch.  Jelly and ice cream was well sought after.

After lunch we looked at exploring and why exploring the Christian faith is important.  The craft was to decorate a large wooden clothes peg.  The idea being that there is often on a Christian leader available when young people have a question.  So they can write it down and store it on the peg until that go to meet a leader.
The last thing they did on Sunday afternoon before we headed home was a group photo and group jump.  The photo is at the top of this entry and the jump is in the video below.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Welcome Wednesday Wacky Youth Club "Show And Tell" 15th Oct 2014

During the normal club activities, we took some time out for a "show and tell" activity. All were invited to bring something along to show and tell us something about it. What was brought was interesting.

The WWWYC "Show and Tellers"
First we were shown a "long haired" hamster, a pet of one member. Thankfully it did not escape or leave any "little messages" on the carpets. Next was a ping pong ball! This was proudly presented as it was the ball used during the first game the young person had ever won! This was followed by a pound coin! Why you may ask? The date of the coin, 2006, was the year the family of the young person got a pet cat. Lastly, our addicted "loom band" young person brought her collection in. Some impressive models were shown.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Welcome Wednesday Wacky Youth Club Christmas Party 2012

Unfortunately there are not many pictures of the party as I was getting to grips with taking them on a new device.  However, the doughnut eating without using your hands was one I did manage to take.

We also played apple bobbing, with a few wet heads afterwards.  Other silly games were also played and food was provided and eaten by all.