Saturday, 25 October 2014


Back in May 2014, members from CUBB and WWWYC spent 24hours without any technology.  That meant for 24hours they did not have use of TV, radio, mobile PHONES, game machines, the Internet and all electronic gadgets we fill our lives with.

Instead, they played games, did a town quiz, help chose evening and breakfast, down to the prom to play on the pirate ship and a sleep over at the Church.

Sunday morning started to become a struggle for them as we did not do much in the "being active" department.  This was to let them experience something of what some children experience, little time to play as a child and how much the western world depends on gadgets to entertain us.

Sunday Breakfast Outside

As well as enjoying themselves and doing other stuff they would not normally do, they raised just over £178.  This was given to Oxfam and used to relieve children and young people from the famine they experience.

Well done to them all!

The "Thank You" Certificate from Oxfam

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