Sunday, 12 July 2015

CUBB Takes a Look at "Judas" on 22nd March 2015

The theme of "Judas" was one that the member of CUBB selected which was expanded in to "A look at the thirty pieces of silver and the reasons why Judas accepted them".

So, this was broken down in to: -

To make thirty pieces of silver (tin foil covered cardboard)

What they might be worth today

What value is a life worth

Why did Judas ask for or accept

What is right, wrong or God’s plan
Making the Thirty Silver Pieces

I think we ended up with 32 pieces, so corrected this!

The discussion on the value today was interesting as it is hard to work out exactly.  However, this was an opportunity to share the US car maker TransAm who had a judgement against the of $15M for a life.
The "why" was answered along the lines of Judas needing money, but there is no clear commonality in Bible translations as to whether he asked for 30 or how much.  During this part, they had to research in the Bible with limited help from adults.

We concluded that what Judas did was wrong, right and God’s plan.  Jesus came to die and whether it was started by Judas or another is not that significant in the overall scheme.

Monday, 6 July 2015

WWWYC Easter Card Competition 2015

Well could not "not really" do a Club meeting close to Easter without running an Easter Card competition.  (The younger Club also held a competition too)  We were lucky to have our Minister, Rev Sue King, judge the entries.

As you can see, those wishing to take part had an intense time making their cards.  Rev Sue found it hard to pick a winner as there was a range of styles.  However, she picked a winner, as shown below: -