Saturday, 18 October 2014

CUBB Session on "Kingship"

The theme of "Kingship" was suggested by the young people themselves.

We started by playing a game using normal playing cards where you had to turn two cards over and hoped that they were the same kings form the same suit.

We then split in to two groups, roughly by age.  The older ones discussed modern day kings, their behaviours and effect on those they rule.  This was compared to Jesus and his behaviour as Servant King.

The younger ones had a chance to show how a king (or queen) might act when wearing a crown.  One was very regal and another was dancing!  Then they wore a crown of thorns and tried to imagine how Jesus felt.  Again, as a Servant King, he washed his Disciples feet.

They then made a crown that reflects both Jesus as a king and his crown of thorns, as shown below: -

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