Sunday, 19 October 2014

CUBB Session on Igloo

The wonderful children and young people who come to CUBB chose igloo as a theme, what a challenge!

Well, the first approach was to build an igloo!  But out of what?  Too warm for ice.  So white cloth was used.

As ice is solid water and water can be steam, this lead to a short quiz on water we call water, ice or steam.  For instance, solid water is called ice, but it is still water.  This gave us an opportunity to look at the Trinity of God; Father, Son and Spirit.

Next we played a silly game as to who can blow a hole through a lump of ice.  This was achieved in just over two minutes.

We then headed back in to the igloo and shared Communion.  We wondered how Eskimo's shared Communion in their Churches, if made of ice.

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