Sunday, 14 December 2014

WWWYC Christmas Party 2015

On Wednesday 10th December WWWYC held it's Christmas party.  It was held (sort of early) as it was felt many would be involved with Christmas activities at school or other organisations.

Once the younger group, who also had their Christmas party on the same evening had gone home, the young people were invited to play the "hanging doughnut" game.  The game is about who can eat the doughnut (which is hanging on string from a rope across the room) with out using their hands.  The doughnut must not drop on the floor but eaten whole from the string.  The winner took 1minute 6.1 seconds.

They also enjoyed the "chocolate game" where you attempt to eat a bar of chocolate (square at a time) wear a hat, scarf and gloves.  However, you only get a turn if you throw a 6 on a dice.  In order to give the person eating their way through the bar is to throw and pass on the dice as quickly as possible!

The young people brought some food in for all to share, with drinks being provided.  After food, they played the "flour game".  Flour is placed in a bowl and turned upside down.  A sweet is placed on the centre of the flour.  Each player takes a turn to cut away a slice of flour.  Who every causes the sweet to fall off the top has to pick the sweet up with their teeth.

There was also an opportunity to play "apple bobbing"

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