Saturday, 7 February 2015

CUBB Christmas Party

In keeping with our tradition to have a Christmas Party in the New Year, CUBB held theirs on Saturday 31st January.  It was decided by most of the members to have a more traditional party than in other years and to invite a friend along.  Party tea was agreed upon as being a Chinese style buffet do.

The first game of a ballon relay, passing the bollon over your head to the next person who passes it between their legs to the next, who passes it over their head was played first.  Then a game of drawing a word was played followed by "make a mummy".

 They then had some "free time" to play on the Wii, bouncy castle, giant Jenga and other board ganes.

Tea followed, which was nearly all eaten up.  Too finish off with, "pass the parcel" with sweets and forfits!

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