Sunday, 9 November 2014

CUBB Session on Money

Meet Colin our Camel

Colin is able to go through the eye of a needle.

This was the craft that the younger ones did for this session.

The theme that CUBB member chose was money, which was the issue the in answer to one of the many questions asked of Jesus.

We first heard the story of the rich man from Matthews' Gospel.  They were asked to imagine the scene where the story took place.  They then had a quiz about money (like how many XBox One's a car is worth and how many cancer treatments a professional footballer gets paid!) then watched an interpretation of the story.

As it was Remembrance Sunday, we joined the congregation for the Two Minute Silence before returning to our group.  We then split in to two groups.  The younger ones did the craft above and the older ones watched an explination of Jesus' camel and needle answer.

Their conclusion was that God asks us what we are prepared to give up for him just as Jesus gave up his life for us.  This touched on The Fallen who gave up their lives for others.

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